5 E-mail Marketing Guidelines For Lead Generation


This is the part 3 of our email marketing series.

Email marketing remains the easiest way for company brands to reach out to a large audience of prospective clients. When planning an email promotion campaign, it is important to review email marketing best practices to be able to obtain the best results as well as to stay within legal limits. While there’s a lengthy listing of tips and rules in connection to email marketing, the most important practices are those that can help you in your lead generation.

Below are the 5 email marketing best practices for lead generation:

1. Use a motivation factor.

When I say “motivation” in email marketing, what’s the first thing that comes up in your mind?

According to the experts, giving incentives and putting it in your email subject lines has the ability to improve open rates as much as 50 percent. The logic is very evident. Everybody needs some motivation!

In using this strategy, bear in mind not to overly do or exaggerate what you offer just to trick the subscribers to open the email. Still, observe honesty. The subject lines of your emails must be honest though compelling. Don’t over use words as it might alert you subscribers spam filters. You do not want everything to end up in the trash folder.

2. Remember: Give weight to the message, coherence is a virtue and don’t forget call to action.

In order to make your campaign successful, you want the immediate attention of your subscribers. A clear and swift communication are needed to prove your point. Not all people have the patience nor enthusiasm to scroll down a lengthy email just to know what the message is all about. In here, you just have to make a message with an emphasis on what you want to relay to your audience. Always examine the relevance of a paragraph to the others. You can read the email yourself first and time it. Convey your call to action message either at the beginning of the message or at the end but make sure you have your point delivered in just a few seconds. You can also try using both to emphasize your point.

3. Proper logo placement.

How do you usually put your logo in an email?

In email marketing, the best way to show your logo is to put it in the uppermost left hand side of your message. This is maybe a minute detail but according studies (eye tracking), by instinct, people search for legit signs and logos in the uppermost left hand part of messages. If you are planning to launch your own campaign, go ahead and try this interesting discovery. You will lose nothing but you can gain something.

4. Use interesting subject lines.

The subject line is the prelude to your message. It is the very first thing that your email subscriber sees whether or not they intend to read the message. This is the main reason why subject lines composition is one of the basic points to master in email marketing.

In order to increase your lead generation and conversion success, it is important that you spend a good amount of time to think of what is the best suitable subject line for a given set of email wave. In writing, keep in mind the following:

  • Subject lines should be succinct,
  • Short,
  • Clever,
  • Honest and,
  • compelling.

5. Opt-in reminders.

This is necessary. It is quite sad to admit that many if not most people who subscribe for newsletters or regular mailers forget that they joined and optin to receive your emailing list. It is quite sad because these subscribers may result to tagging your messages as spam. This can damage your reputation as a sender.

The remedy here is to make an autoresponder that will make your email subscribers remember that they have chosen to subscribe to your emails and so they are included in your email database. Send this out within one to ten days from the day a person opted in to your email listing. Maintain good relations to your clients and customers by giving them the freedom to unsubscribe anytime they want so they won’t get bored and filter all your future message to spam folders.

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